Stress & Anxiety

Woman biting her nails

We all get stressed from time to time, in one form or another  We all need a certain amount of stress to perform at an optimum level but too much is counter-productive, as with nerves and phobias.
If you think about something to be threatening, real or imagined you will become stressed. Stress is an every day part of our lives and a perfectly normal bodily reaction towards pressure - if kept within limits. It is linked to our “ fight or flight ” response - a mechanism intended to ensure our survival.
If you are a quick thinker, value stimulation and like to get things done with precision and speed; then you will feel more stressed than someone with a more relaxed and laid back attitude.  You will however find boredom stressful.  With the mind and body in constant conflict and feeling on edge you may be heading towards a myriad of health problems.
Stress is like a ‘ one off ’ reaction to a thought or situation, when that passes your body will return back to rest and relaxation aided by the nervous system. If the thought or situation is repetitive and continually active within your mind you will become conditioned to an automatic response even when they have passed.  It then becomes anxiety, something which sits underneath the mental surface and causes a general feeling of tension, apprehension, fear, uneasiness, constant worry, impending doom, and helplessness. Gradually you will become less aware of what you are anxious about. You will then start to feel anxious about being anxious, especially if you are placed in the same situation again, or fear that you may.
Stress is usually a precursor to anxiety, and anxiety is usually a precursor to depression.