Depressed woman

It can effect you both mentally and physically - have an impact on on your energy levels and interests, make everything such an effort , effect your appetite, activity levels, sleep, thinking, bodily functions, feelings, general behaviour as well as make you feel tense, lethargic, fatigued, irritable and weak.General moods do vary from time to time and it is a very shady line between a low mood and depression. It can start with an unfortunate event, physical illness, genetic make-up, biochemical changes or with our own thought patterns.
Some signs and symptoms of depression : ( not everyone who is depressed will have all of these symptoms and it may show in other ways )
Feeling sad or down in the dumps - Crying spells or tearfulness - Low self-esteem - Guilt or shame - Loss of interest in sex - Worry about your health - Increase or decrease in appetite - feeling hopeless, worthless, helpless, discouraged or inadequate - Lack of concentration and motivation - Difficulty with making decisions and avoiding situations - Believing that you deserve to be punished - Self - criticism, blame or loathing - Loosing interest and withdrawal from people and things going on around you -  pessimism - Preoccupation with problems, failures, and bad feelings.
Using the right kinds of therapy, it is important to address various issues which will then attempt to reset the mental patterns which have become dominant. These include sleep patterns , thought patterns, bodily needs and internal dialogues. With conquering root causes depression is less likely to reoccur.
If you are on any kind of medication for depression or have a medical condition your Doctors consent may be required.