Passed driving test

Nervousness can leave you feeling quite incapacitated and terror-struck. If your thinking is affected and your shaking like a leaf, finding it difficult to breath then your performance will be least at it’s best.
It could be nerves connected with; Driving, Exams, Social Mixing, Sports & Entertainment Performance, Interviews, Public Speaking, Meeting Strangers, or just nerves in general.
Have you felt mentally exhausted, disappointed and confused about why you can not achieve that something special ?
First time engagements or trying something new can be a difficult time for some people and some are more prone to nerves than others.
The Main Psychological and Physiological Indicators of Nerves : Difficulty with mental concentration - Butterflies in the stomach - Nausea - Dry mouth - Tics and tremors - Hot and cold flushes - Trembling - Agitation and restlessness - Tense muscles - Feeling light headed and dizzy - Feeling breathless - Bad breath (halitosis)
The causes of nervousness are basically stress hormones being released in to your body as a result of you being in a situation where you mentally feel uncomfortable.
We all need to feel marginally nervous before an important event, as this sharpens the senses, makes us more vigilant and improves our alertness but too much can be counterproductive.
Help with nerves involves using Visualisation Hypnotherapy to re-programme the subconscious mind together with addressing the importance of diet, sleep, lifestyle, breathing, practice, hydration, preparation and exercise.