Man with hourlassSolution focused brief therapy, pays particular attention to the wants and needs of the individual and what works for them.
All individuals are to some degree motivated to find solutions and this begins with discovering what is currently being done to initiate those changes.
Whilst present problems and past causes are acknowledged and evaluated, more emphasis is placed on solution building.
When someone seeks help for any kind of mental issue it will be because things are not going right in their lives, there will be a problem of sorts and people do have a tendency to focus on the negative. It predominately assesses the individuals current resources and hopes for the future.
For some situations it is important to understand how the problem arose, and there are some situations in which finding a prompt solution is more beneficial than to dissect or analyse the problem.
Attention is drawn to the positive elements in ones life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant and to build a positive shift with small, goal orientated and manageable steps.