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There are copious amounts of stark warnings from various health organisations about the alarming increase in obesity levels globally. Research suggests that it could be a behavioural problem which is linked to our negative emotions. These could be the result of present day issues that we may be facing or trauma from the past.
You may have tried many diets and stuck to them rigidly, accepting that food deprivation is the only way forward and that the resulting discomfort is all ‘ part and parcel ’ of the process. Finally, you may have reached your goal and thought that you could stop dieting and eat normally, but within a few weeks you had gained that old weight back on. This is a very familiar story with many people who have not considered that the loss of pounds is only temporary, when not taking in to account the causes of over restricting food from the body and the reasons for overeating.
It is important to know the huge impact our psychological mechanisms play towards successful weight management. Also when, what, how and where we eat.
There can be other reasons for weight gain, some psychological - like boredom, frustration, self esteem, loneliness, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, excess alcohol, need for attention and so....for which therapy can help, or it could be connected with a medical condition or medication for which your Doctors consent may be required.