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Hello and welcome to the website. I am Beau Reeman and I run Clifton Mental Health, which is  is dedicated to providing effective, evidence based therapy for a wide range of psychological issues; please see below.
Locally based with easily accessible locations in Clifton and Westbury-On-Trym. Using tried and tested therapy methods and focusing on a supportive, collaborative and non judgemental approach.
With satisfied clients from all around the Bristol and South Gloucestershire areas. Here to offer you a safe place to resolve complicated feelings, make sense of things and to understand yourself better.
You may have struggled with your issue for quite some time or perhaps have had therapy which did not quite hit the mark, either way please feel free to call me to discuss your issue and to discover the help that is available.  Registered and Insured - Free Initial consultation.




A form of relaxation, which allows communication with the subconscious mind.

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Cognitive behavioural Therapy

Relating to our way of thinking and recommended by the majority of the medical profession .

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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Concentrates on finding solutions in the present time and hopes for the future.

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I found myself in a dark place. Not so long ago actually. I had made a situation that made me feel guilt, anxiety and then no confidence. I think I have had around 6 sessions with Beau now and I believe and understand his words when he says to me ‘ Richard ,you have turned a corner very quickly’ I feel better every time I walk out of the meeting rooms and have had that inspiring hour.
So much wisdom. So much understanding. So much respect. Truly a very very lovely man that can get you on your way rapidly. He is a councillor that I will certainly be continuing with and it’s as I’ve said an hour that I genuinely look forward to. You can’t go wrong
Richard Greenwood            27th August 2020

Hi, Ever since the first time Beau introduced himself to me offering his services, he presented to me as a true, dedicated, honest and knowledgeable Councillor/Friend who cared and listened to a grumpy old git with problems and Since that day we met we've form a great working relationship which is a working plan and totally confidential Beau then discussed and between us agreed on a long recovery program with treatment offered to me for which i'm extremely grateful as Having had several visits so far and the treatment which has been offered and discussed with me each session i'm beginning to find my true self again, Beau took me back to a place during one session in my mind, a place where i'd hadn't been for some years and totally relaxed and straightened out all my ill thoughts, stresses and anxieties.I believe in taking these little steps with me is directly and confident will effect my recovery period, i'm also confident that the person or shell of a person who walked into Beau's surgery a few weeks ago would have changed for the better having completed my recovery program with Beau.
Gareth Davies                      26th August 2020

After 2 months seeing Beau following bereavement, I have found this to be a great support in dealing with anxiety and helping me move forward with life. The sessions are very comfortable and Beau is able to relate to me as an individual. Thoroughly recommend.
Ann Bevan.                            15th March 2020

Beau has been exceptional, he has listened and coached me in to a state of relaxation that I couldn’t achieve before. He has listened to the areas of improvement I want to make and set me on a path to do so.
Sam.                                       8th February 2020

I felt supported and accepted.


 Maunagh.                               7th February 2020

A very kind and down to earth gentleman. Very straightforward approach, without the usual patronising platitudes and buzzwords. Simple and genuinely compassionate work.
Jimmy Goodrich.                       21st October 2019

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