Confidence & Motivation

people on a cliff edge

Self-confidence is a belief within ourselves that we can execute whatever activities we are faced within our lives and to move closer to our goals. It is an important ingredient and acts as fuel for our motivation, which is perseverance to successfully achieve the activities. Both contribute to self-esteem which is basically a mental self-check to satisfy us that we are performing at optimum levels.
All of the above can have a significant impact on our lives with areas such as professional and academic achievements. They can help to build stable relationships by providing assertive and expressive behaviour to satisfy our emotional needs.
Lacking in these areas can lead to feelings of a diminished self worth, inability to communicate what we really believe, poor decision making and being prone to thoughts of weakness, which can lead to an unhappy and unhealthy life.
Confidence, motivation and self-esteem can with life's ' ups and downs ' be eroded over a period of time, but can flourish with the right kind of help. It is possible to learn to be confident and to feel good about ourselves with exploring the areas where one feels stuck and a willingness to address those areas with challenge and confrontation. A new self can emerge with the power to accomplish what we once imagined was unattainable.